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It's about solving hard problems with collaborative, science-driven innovation - And for launching the company to deliver it.

We invest our time and skills so great ideas, entrepreneurs, and teams can deliver on their novel product vision fast and efficiently. We invent and design artificial intelligence solutions that makes such visions come to life. We are what you can call an "AI Venture Builder".

We are experts in everything Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and we extend our teams by bringing in scientific discovery to create deep-tech products. From great and unique products we help to build successful companies.


Set your team up for success

Each year, thousands of promising startups face failure due to issues like fundraising, low revenues, poor market fit, or poor execution. Intellectual Labs empower founders to build outstanding B2B Al startups. Backed by our own product- and company builders, we provide founders with expert capabilities, startup capital, and valuable experience. This significantly increases their chances of boosting the probability of success.

People @ the lab

Inge Grini

Venture Builder, serial entrepreneur & Captain

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David Volent Lindberg

PhD statistics, Co-Founder and Partner

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Akos Buzinkay

Head of Engineering

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Alise Danielle Midtfjord

PhD, Lead Data Scientist & Partner

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Alexandra Solheim

Lead UX Designer

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Valentin A. Normand

PhD, Neuroscience CSO / CEO PueroVita Biotechnology

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Nilgun Grini

Sr. Venture Builder & Partner

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Jonas Nikolai Hendel

Fullstack web developer

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Irantzu Anzar

PhD BioInformatics, & Partner PueroVita Biotechnology

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Severin Elvatun

PhD Informatics, AI expert and Partner

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Øystein Sørensen

PhD Biostatistics, Professor UiO (Sr. scientist data and statistics)

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Innovation with AI driven products is relevant in every sector of business, community and society. Intellectual Labs portfolio companies represent changes in ocean and maritime industries, manufacturing, future of work and the future of healthcare.

FactoryMind – industrial AI at scale

Entering a massive – largely untapped – marked for AI driven operations, managing supply chain, smart marchines and cobots with home built AI.


PueroVita Biotechnology AS – extended life for all

Improving aging by detecting biomarkers, predicting age-related diseases and offering drug discovery for anti aging – with AI


Alpha Eight AS – Capital Markets

AI driven Asset management with the aim of capturing superior Alpha. Team built, company building active. Launch 2024.


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