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How we build a company

Building a great startup is challenging. We’ve developed, and continue to iterate the ultimate playbook on how to validate, refine, and build scalable and investable companies, repeatably.

Idea Discovery

Leveraging the talent and domain experience from our core-team and founders-in-residence, we scan established and emerging fintech domains for opportunities. Once we spot an opportunity, we design an idea brief, scrutinise as a team and progress promising ideas.


Customer Discovery

We perform rapid validation approach in small cycles, designing low-cost and fast-to-execute experiments, and later minimum viable tests. This involves customer interviews, extensive market and science research, building prototypes, and conducting fake-door tests - whichever tool is right for the job.

Investment Ready

After we’ve built strong conviction in an idea space, we ramp up core-team engagement, secure funding and spin out a distinct brand and develop a minimum viable product. Here we focus on small iterations to build product-market fit and develop sales traction with early adopters. At the end of this stage, the start-up becomes investment ready. The investment committee is brought in to review the pitch and decide on fund allocation. It can last 3 months or 2 years - it all depends.



Here the start-up stands on its own as a separate entity, having secured investments and becomes an autonomous entity. We utilize our wide network of talent to create an all-star team and get the start-up growing revenue fast, while Intellectual Labs remains as the company's own cost effective R&D department.

Fund & Scale

Lastly, we focus on working with the team for growth. Driving up active users, revenues and providing routine check-ins and advisory for our portfolio companies. Founders continually leverage the power of our network to get warm introductions, investor feedback and mentorship from industry experts who have lived founder challenges - through the stages - before.