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AI driven innovation by partnership. We’re scientists and data professionals determined to solve “it” in new ways

Intellectual Labs was founded in 2019 with a mission to drive more novel product development, based on AI and science, and to strengthen companies for these products with their capital, launch and growth journey. 

For this we start with exploring the market, the problem to solve and the opportunity, and then we build the best tech that we can dream up – to serve that opportunity. This provides a better bridge from idea to launch and helps attract top quality team members and investors.

We believe that too many opportunities to change the world are lost in good intentions. Through our co-foundership and passionate involvement in our portfolio companies we increase their chance of success. 

If you have started or are launching a company; feel free to explore working with us to see how we engage to build your success.


What we do:

We invest our time and skills so great ideas, entrepreneurs, and teams can deliver on their novel product vision fast and efficiently. We invent and design artificial intelligence solutions that makes such visions come to life. We are what you can call an “AI Venture Builder”.

We are deep experts in everything Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science across all domains. We then extend our teams woth co-founders and other scientific fields by bringing in scientific discovery to create deep-tech products. From great and unique products we help to build successful companies, shoulder to shoulder with founders and investors. 

Moments, events and activities around the world at Intellectual Labs
Moments, events and activities around the world at Intellectual Labs
What we offer:

We know innovation is risky and share that risk with you, as our deep belief lies in the power of collaborative minds coming together.

For entrepreneur teams and enterprises who aspire to create new technologies to disrupt old ways, Intellectual Labs offers AI, and engineering (both hardware and software) with a scientific approach that allows you build deep tech with shared risk & rewards.

Further to this we run shoulder-to-shoulder with you as a fully vested co-founder to build and scale the company far beyond the tech.

For established companies, we help to boost your product innovation, challenge set mindset through joint ventures. And; we help you to capture real value from data and digital solutions – fast.

So if you have an ambitious technology idea, and together we believe it can address a problem and capture a market, we will invest in you.