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Ulla grew up in an entrepreneurial family and started helping her parents build businesses when she was 10. Despite being an entrepreneur since her 30s, her true passion was not discovered until she turned 50. She wanted to create the best place to work in the world. Being involved in various aspects of the business laid the foundation for her future.

We asked Ulla what was that one moment that changed her path.
“When I got an opportunity to lead a company where I was a co-founder for a year, I got a taste for being the CEO. I understood that I was good at creating results and leading people by focusing on what motivated them and what gave them energy. After that, I co-founded EGGS, and became the CEO. From this point on I was basically unemployable for a “normal” job.



CEO & Founder

35 years experience

her true passion:




Which is creating a work environment that inspires creativity. Ulla co-founded EGGS Design, a pioneering design and innovation consultancy. EGGS grew to 130 people under her leadership over a decade. A lot of design awards were won by the consultancy, which contributed to over 1000 innovations. A critical achievement of EGGS was its remarkable gender balance, boasting a 50/50 gender ratio in leadership positions. Not only showing her commitment to creating an inclusive environment, she also demonstrated how diverse leadership can drive innovation. As a pioneer in the diversity of entrepreneurship, Ulla stands out as an inspiration.

According to Ulla, start-ups are full of gender biases. She addresses issues like founder burnout, bro-culture, and stereotyped entrepreneurs. Many people, including investors, think entrepreneurs are mostly young male tech nerds. As the startup landscape evolves, conversations about founder breakups, and mental health are getting more traction. Everyone talks about how important the team is, but very few talk about startup culture. Among the ideas she shares in her upcoming book, “Firesoul Leadership,” she offers a blueprint for entrepreneurs who want to craft a culture of compassion while igniting creativity and fueling growth.

Ulla’s source of inspiration for purpose-driven leadership comes mainly from her colleagues, and designers who keep an open mind, don’t judge and manage to bring new perspectives to any discussion.

Ulla says it's crucial to build an inclusive and supportive environment..

at startups and tech companies for everyone. This means adopting diverse and inclusive hiring practices, and paying careful attention to how language and imagery are used in job communications. Equal opportunities for growth and advancement are crucial, addressing historical pay gaps, and rewarding effective negotiators regardless of gender.

By implementing flexible work policies, you can create a more inclusive work environment. Creating a culture of trust and safety requires zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. Mentorship programs, using role models, and promoting compassionate leadership further enhance inclusivity. For success and harmony at work, transparent and inclusive decision-making processes are crucial.

Lastly, Ulla encourage leaders to consider the cost related to parental leave a normal “cost of doing business” and factor it into budgets. 

Ulla’s advice for women in tech: embrace the challenges, keep going. She recommends choosing the right people, creating inclusive work cultures, and thinking long-term.

Finally, Ulla is on a writing streak. In her upcoming book, “Firesoul Leadership” she offers a blueprint for entrepreneurs who want to craft a culture of compassion while igniting creativity and fueling growth. We are sure this will be a great book, and are looking forward to read it!

The journey of Ulla illustrates the impact of compassion, inclusivity, and determination on women entrepreneurs.
Join us in celebrating the remarkable journeys of women entrepreneurs in the tech industry as we unveil more stories like Ulla’s.