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Per Arne Solberg

CEO at Northsea Capital, Capital advisor

Per Arne Solberg

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About Per Arne

Per Arne’s strong entrepreneurial background, with a ‘Diplomøkonom’ in Marketing from Handelshøyskolen, underpins his ability to drive growth and transformation. At Northsea Capital, he supports clients in digitalization, management for hire, and capital sourcing, including equity, debt, and grants. His leadership extends to cross-border financing, investor introductions, acquisitions, divestments, and valuations, with a focus on sectors like energy, finance, healthcare and technology projects. Per Arne’s extensive board experience in digitalization, ship owning, aquaculture, processing industry, finance, and renewables further enhances his strategic value to our ventures, ensuring they thrive in competitive markets.

Per Arne Solberg is a seasoned business advisor to new ventures in Intellectual Labs, bringing extensive experience from the financial services and IT industries. As the CEO of Northsea Capital, he leverages his background in investment banking and new business development to deliver strategic insights and  hel think through the best commercial path for a company. His expertise spans sales, business development, asset management, financial advisory, and C-level management. Known for his curious, optimistic, and opportunistic (COO) approach, Per Arne excels in identifying and capitalizing on innovation opportunities, and is a pleasure to work with.

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