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Jørn Barkenaes

CFO, Excecutive Chair North Sea Capital

Jørn Barkenaes

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Meet Jørn

Jørn brings a wealth of experience to Intellectual Labs and its ventures, specializing in strategic roles such as CEO, CFO, Chief Business Development Officer, and Chief Technical Officer. At Northsea Capital, he excels in sourcing the right partners, providing interim management, and guiding clients through complex capital sourcing, including equity, debt, and grants. Joern’s expertise extends to cross-border financing, investor introductions, acquisitions, divestments, valuations, and identifying investment opportunities, with a sector focus on energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, seafood, and shipping.

Jørn’s extensive board experience in digitalization, ship owning, aquaculture, processing industry, finance, and renewables underscores his strategic vision and leadership. His ability to navigate complex business landscapes and deliver tailored solutions makes him an invaluable asset to building ventures in Intellectual Labs. Joern’s commitment to excellence ensures that entrepreneurs engaged with us, better their chanse to achieve their goals and maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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