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Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

Sr. Data Engineer on the product development team!

The Data Engineer will contribute to the development of our FactoryMind AI platform product for the industry and its associated applications and customer implementations. The platform is used a) to connect industrial data sources like sensors, PLCs, and SCADA systems (with industry-specific protocols), b) to store the data (historian), c) to create and deploy industrial analytic and AI models and AI applications for factory use, d) to visualize and monitor factory floor status and predictions through dashboards. Basically, a full platform to adopt AI in industry. 

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The Data Engineer will design, setup and maintain the platform database(s), including setting up ETL jobs.

Work tasks

  • Design, set up and maintain industrial data storage on the platform
  • Set up data ingest and ETL jobs.
  • Set up and manage the application database.
  • Contribute in development of industry-specific data connector modules, e.g. self-service setup of ETL-jobs from sensors with OPC-UA protocols.
  • Contribute in development of and data pipelines to industrial dashboards

Tools and technologies

  • Linux fundamentals and scripting, including bash/shell scripting
  • SQL, ETL and data warehouses.
  • Database design and management
  • Web application databases and integration like PostgreSQL (and MongoDB)
  • Python programming
  • Containerization and Docker
  • Cloud competency, including cloud data storage solutions – Azure, GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean
  • Networking on-prem and in cloud; SSL, gateways, ssh, DNS, protocols, ++
  • Git; branching best practices (dev, staging, test, prod), automated pull requests, ++
  • Preferably MongoDB – DB design, development and management
  • Preferably Postgres and TimescaleDB – DB design, development and management
  • Preferably Spark experience
  • Potentially Apache Kafka for handling real-time data feeds
  • Database security best practices, including encryption

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